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Apr 25, 2013 12:00am PDT
tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. actresssation with molly ringwald. she first made her mark as a teen star. she is starring as the mom of a teenager in the abc family hit series. she is just finished a passion project recording her first ever album. we're glad you have joined us. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway to completely eliminating hunger and we have work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: i suspect no one of a certain age can forget molly ringwald. then when starring in those films, her first love was always music. she has just recorded her first ever cd, in a jazz album called "except sometimes." here is a small taste of what to expect. ♪ get my man ♪ good to have you back. anywhere, you appear the introduction is similar to
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Apr 19, 2013 1:00am PDT
have? molly, my colleague who is near the scene in watertown, massachusetts. molly, where are you precisely and what are you seeing? >> we are at the corner of auburn and lange done. this is a main drag through waterton. this is a main street. i am told that the suspect that was fleaing and coming out of that area and into the watertown area that the car that suspect may have been driving and they believe it was abandoned down the street here and the suspect took off on foot. now i am standing maybe a mile, a mile and a half from the river, from the charles river. we are getting reports that people and police are searching along the river. that's where some of the media briefings are expected to take place. it is a matter of a few miles. a very active crime scene. all of watertown has been -- it is a huge, active, incredible crime scene. everywhere you turn you will see police officers and watertown square is just getting to this area from the next town over. we have seen officers from cambridge and lincoln and all of the surrounding police departments have converged to one large
Apr 15, 2013 12:00pm CDT
's very own. molly aeder is home on spring break from boarding school in michigan. a high school for kids who learn differently. heres some flour , get a cup out the 15 year old has dyslexia. the aeders would prefer their teen to be home with them and her siblings. but they found that finding the right school for mollie here in chicago, became very frustrating and virtually impossible. going to a school that didnt fit her profile was very tough as far as self confidence goes and we knew that there was a better alternative. and mollie knew it too. because if you wanna go to a good college, you have to go to a good school. so the couple decided theyd build their own school, for mollie and others like her. it very quickly became more than about mollie, it became about everybody wh0 was struggling. it took 3 ½ years, but now the wolcott school as they named it, is set to open in september of 2013 on the citys near west side. and mollie will be one of the first to go there. wolcott will be school a rigorous college prep high school that meets the kid where they are as a kid would describe it,
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Apr 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
in boston. to molly line in watertown, massachusetts, with the very latest there. molly? >> hi. we're at franklin street, where the actual capture occurred after the very long manhunt and the long lockdown here in this community. it's morning. the neighbors are beginning to come out. you can see just down the street past the law enforcement officers here on the edge, there are federal investigators here. the boat where the suspect had been hiding out before the law enforcement converged on the area and ultimately took him into custody is just around the corner at the end of this street. neighbors are telling us incredible stories. obviously gripping fear throughout the day where everyone was locked in their homes and suddenly here in this neighborhood, a convergence of law enforcement quietly moving in, the sirens are off, until things really begin to happen. look at some of this video taken by residents here in the neighborhood. this is from bob glat (bleep) >> i had a chance to speak with bob and he told me in these incredible stories about what it was like to just witness that a
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Apr 20, 2013 2:00am PDT
for about 12 hours. police going door to door searching for suspect number two. >> fox's molly line was there from the beginning and she joins the suspect was ultimately discovered to be hiding. what really helped to bring this man into custody was once that shelter in place ban was lifted. a homeowner strolled in his backyard. he peeked inside his boat and immediately called it in that he saw the suspect. it didn't take long to bring him into custody. there was a gun battle, ultimately, explosives were release -- light inducing explosives. it meant oftentimes to cause confusion were supposedly used at the scene by authorities to help bring this man to justice or to bring him into custody rather. tamerlan and dzhokhar led them on a chase from cambridge after shooting an m.i.t. police officer. the chase led into watertown. 200 rounds were allegedly exchanged in the course of that police exchange, as well as homemade bombs thrown out of the window. that, of course, ultimately led to the death of tamerlan who was 26 years old. the older brother. dzhokhar, escaping into the night and ul
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Apr 19, 2013 3:00am PDT
. >> did you -- [inaudible] >>brian: now we've got to go out to the streets of watertown where molly is standing by. it is pretty clear there is more police officers and swat teams fanning out. >> absolutely. watertown the epi center of what is happening. the town virtually a crime scene. no one is allowed to come in or leave. you cannot drive through watertown now. we've seen activity within the last 15 minutes. you can see the tactical units, people preparing their weapons. this is state police. we've seen multiple vehicles moving and staging and restaging and moving around throughout the morning. it happens very quickly. when they move, they move quickly. the entire community has been asked to stay inside. residents for the most part are doing that. we're not seeing cars moving around, not seeing people coming out of their homes. as people are waking up, hopefully they are turning on their televisions and staying inside. certainly a dangerous situation. we can see the extreme heightened presence here along the perimeters set up. this is near the area where the vehicle that the sus
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Apr 23, 2013 2:00am PDT
. molly, we also hear that there is good news today about the victim. >> good morning, heather. two in critical condition. doctors are telling us everyone now in the hospital are expect to do survive. there were 14 patients that lost lefshs. boston medical center say many are up and walking and they are preparing for a massive exodus as they call it to rehab. many recoveries underway. investigators are looking to speak with suspect number one's wife tamerlan tsarnaev was married to katherine russell tsarnaev. they met in college in 2010 and sometime around that time converted to islam. investigators would like to speak with her. they referred to the bombing she knew nothing about it at any time. there is no word on if or when she will speak with investigators. they are looking at a pizza cbi link to a murder, a triple murder. three men in their 20s were discovered with their throats slit marijuana on their bodies and thousands of dollars of cash left behind. tamerlan was friends with one of the victims. this happened 10 years after the september 11th attack. >> that september 11th d
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Apr 16, 2013 2:00am PDT
. first molly is downtown boston blocks from the scene. >> we are at the corner of arlington and boyling ton. it could be blocked off for weeks as they continue to investigate. the area where the two bombs went off this happened in the afternoon well after the elite runners had already run. some 5,000 runners yet to cross the finish line when the two explosions occurred. that means it was a time in the race a time in the day marathon monday where the finish line was packed with moms and kids waiting for dad to cross the finish line with fathers waiting for wifes to cross the finish line young and old. there were children rushed to the hospital elderly people rushed to the hospital catastrophic injuries numerous limbs lost, eardrums all sorts of different kinds of triage had to be done at the scene in places that were set up to handle sprains and heart attacks and running injuries. it became a scene of chaos that was completely unexpected. this morning the governor says the city is open to do business but it is not sz business as usual. take a listen to deval patrick the governor. >> it w
Apr 16, 2013 3:00pm PDT
. molly o'connell was near the finish line when the bomb went off. she comes to us on the phone tonight from cambridge massachusetts. molly, thank you so much for taking time to be with us in "the war room." >> sure, michael. >> john: molly paint the picture for us. where were you and what exactly did you see? >> i was right near the finish line. i had spent the afternoon up maybe three miles away with friends, and instead of being responsible grad student and going home to write a paper i road my bike to the finish line. i wanted to catch a glimpse of all the glory before i headed home. i was at the finish line. i had just taken a picture right when the explosions had went off and text them to my parents and boyfriend and said look, this is the finish line. i was wandering down the block just watching the finishers right when the explosions went off, like five minutes later. i heard a really loud noise louder than any noise i heard before, and saw a ton of smoke and just starting running the other directions. >> michael: yes, and what--was it--i could only imagine it was a sense of pan
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Apr 19, 2013 2:00am PDT
to check in on molly lyon. good morning, molly. police are searching for one of the suspects. he could be on foot right now. what have you learned? >> well, we are here still at the corner of arsenal -- or mount auburn and langdon. this is an active scene in the area. we have seen things pick up in the recent 10, 15 minutes. we are getting a lot of information about possibly the suspect could be moving. we have seen officers going up and down the streets shining them into homes as you think they would with the search going on. we have seen activity and cruisers going by in the area in the last couple minutes. of concern are we are beginning to see the lights come on in this community. we are begin to go see people peeking out of their windows. this community is waking up as this search appears to be getting more and more active in the early morning hours. at least in this neighborhood. we are a few blocks from an area also being described as a very active scene. we can't quite see over the hills where those blocks are that police have been talking about. we are keeping an eye on it. ri
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Apr 20, 2013 3:00am PDT
coverage of the dramatic new developments this morning. molly line is downtown. first we want to go to beth israel hospital with the latest on the suspect's condition. good morning, adam. >> good morning. as the sun comes up here and the rain comes down, behind me here is beth israel hospital. around this complex, a very large medical complex, you'll find police at every entrance and exit. police inside the hospital and a number of officers on the floor where suspect number two is at this hour. we did see two f.b.i. agents just leave this hospital about two or three minutes ago. our producer stopped them but they of course wouldn't speak as to the condition. the last we have received from our sources here is that he's in serious condition here with at least two gunshot wounds. we know one of those wounds came from that initial shootout about 23 hours before he was captured or so -- roughly 20 hours, give or take a few minutes. we do know he has other superficial wounds as well and is expected to make it. we don't know if he's had any questions asked of him as yet. investigators, we're told
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Apr 12, 2013 10:00am PDT
columnies and fox news contributor. and molly hemingway, the get with it blog. and thank you both for being here and i hope that the viewers and you will forgive me. i don't know how i feel about covering this, if i weren't pregnant, but i am six months pregnant and i really don't want to discuss the details of these abortions and no one really wants to get into the details of what this so-called doctor is accused of doing at this clinic for the better part of almost two decades. but the problem is, kirsten, we in the media don't get to decide what the news is. i didn't want to discuss 20 dead 6-year-olds at newtown, connecticut either, but that's the news and we had he no choice, but to cover it. and we talked about the total near absence of even a mention of this trial. not just by major publications, but by the health reporters, devoted to working for said publications and let me give you the first crack at it. >> yeah, molly has added to this in asking these health care reporters why they haven't covered it and i think that whatever your position on abortion is, even if, you know, you'r
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Apr 20, 2013 11:30am PDT
, not to mention maiming and wounding scores of others. molly lang has that part of the story live from massachusetts. >> that's right, the man identified as suspect one, tamerlan tsarnaev was married. his widow, 24 years old, katherine, originally from a community just outside of providence, rhode island. she attended school in boston from 2007 to 2010. that would be suffolk university. her parents, warren and judith russell, released a statement to the media outside their home recently, here it is, our daughter has lost her husband today. the father of her child. we cannot begin to comprehend how this terrible tragedy occurred. in the aftermath of the patriots day horror, we know we never really knew tamerlan tsarnaev. our hearts are sickened by the knowledge of the hor hor he has inflicted. please respect our family's privacy in this difficult time. neighbors believe katherine converted to islam sometime after leaving high school. she was often seen in muslim clothing. it's possible she may have been living with her parents. but here's what paula gillette had to say. she's a neighbor
Apr 30, 2013 5:30pm EDT
... molly henneberg... ssys...// also ordering... an inquiry... iito what... the iitelligeece commuuitt... kkew. 3 while the f-b-i looks for answers in theeboston bombing... some republicannlawmakerrsii &pwashington areecriticizing hh the ageecy handled key pieces oo intelligence.... and dzhokhar tsaanaev. king says::""ore should have been one witt the investigatiin when thh name was givvn o us havv consulted the bston ld pplice mmre" south carooina senator liidsey grahhmm sys he bombing - and the atttck in benghazi - show while áotherá lawmmaers say earliee inquiry into the tsaanaev brothers..ábeforeá the bombiigg pressdent bama pushiig back against that criticism... obama sayss "the fbb brother. it's not as if the fbi did nothing. they not only investigated the older brother, they interviiwed the older brother. they ccncluded ttat there wwre no signssthat he was engaging in eetremist activity. the pressdent saysstheee áwillá be intel community knew - and s - phen. obama says: "we waat o evvry step thht wasstaken. we unturnee. e want oosee is t
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Apr 12, 2013 3:00pm PDT
of other places you may have to pay taxes on it. we're not kidding. molly henneberg is here with the amazing story. >> molly: if you live in one of the nine largest counties in maryland and if your home has a roof or driveway or any kind of surface that does not absorb rainfall, get ready to pay a so-called rain tax starting july 1st. these types of fees are more common, cities in illinois and other states have started levying them because the environment al protection agency imposed new limits on storm runoff. the epa may not have the authority to do that, maryland is trying to push to meet the new standards. obama administration did not provide any federal funding so maryland taxpayers will have to foot the bill. new rain tax will cost the average homeowner a $50-200 a year. >> it's a large shopping center where you have a big parking lot the impervious surface tax, it will be more than the property tax is. so the only option is to pass the costs along to tenants and all goods and services in the state of maryland will go up in cost. >> molly: when it passed a new pollutio
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Apr 13, 2013 12:00pm PDT
this goal. >> arthel: let's get more from molly henneberg. she is joining us live from washington. >> molly: secretary kerry was in beijing meeting with top chinese leaders. he said afterwards, both countries, the u.s. and china are urging north korea not to make a tense situation even worse. >> we both on north korea to refrain from any provocative steps. that obviously refers to future missile shoot. i said yesterday in seoul, i addressed it and i called it both unwise and unnecessary and unwanted and provocative. >> molly: today secretary kerry said the u.s. and china share a, quote, joint commitment to get rid of nuclear weapons on the peninsula. chinese has any sway on the north korean regime as one of the biggest trade partners as a close ally. one of china's fierce is that north korea collapses as a country and they are flooded with refugees. they said today after meeting with secretary kerry, china's position is consistent and clear-cut. china is firmly committed to uphold go a peace and stability and advancing the de-nuclearization process. china has leverage over north korea that
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Apr 19, 2013 1:00pm PDT
down to molly line in watertown with the latest from there. molly. >> it has been eerie throughout the day. we were here very early in the morning when these developments were happening. just at the end of that chase in which an mbta officer was severely injured and remains hospitalized, and the perimeter seemed to get wider and wider, and we see police presence on every corner of the stay, and the tactical teams are going down each block and they're looking into cars and looking into homes and asking people if they can come into homes in the search for this suspect. and in the meantime, the streets are also so quiet because people are literally staying inside. the watertown authorities have thanked the people in watertown for doing that, and it really is amazing to see so many people stay behind closed doors and have been asked not to answer their doors excepts for a uniformed police officer. so it's quiet, and to see the restaurants shut down. i'm from this community, and all of these restaurants, completely closed. it's like a ghost town. just absolutely warmed with law enforcem
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Apr 20, 2013 10:00am PDT
. watch. >> usa! usa! usa! usa! >> martha: what a moment that was. molly line reported and kept us up to speed on every development as it unfolded. she joins me now live this morning from watertown. good morning, molly >> good morning. we're here on franklin street where the capture occurred. as you can see, the neighborhood is awake today. everyone was allowed out of their homes when the shelter that -- the order to stay chevroletered was lifted. it's a beautiful day and the square is alive with folks coming here. it's a little farther down at the end ofhe block where the federal authorities are pouring over that evidence that they have. of course, there is the boat to be looked at. but last night, incredible video was caught by a resident here in the neighborhood and saw everything go down. look at this video. the man, bob glatz, he was there when the law enforcement pulled up, along with his nephew and the entire neighborhood became an enormous crime scene in the final moments. here is bob glatz. >> it sounded like they said he's still alive, take cover. then some flash bombs or so
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Apr 25, 2013 2:00am PDT
-old suspect admitted to his role before he was read his miranda rights. molly is in beth israel hospital with more. >> we are getting information out of a capitol hill briefing from two law americas telling fox news fbi investigators feel they were cut short in the questioning of the suspect at the hospital. they say the federal magistrate as well as the public defenders and prosecutors showed up 16 hours into their ability to is a question him. they received intelligence on the older brother tamerlan that the cia was also contacted not just the fbi and contact was made in september of 2011. given some of the fbi information that had come out six months earlier tamerlan, they were given the same information that the fbi was given months before that tamerlan was a follower of radical islam and wanted to join overseas groups and his name was added to a data base of known suspected terrorists. the father of these brothers plan to travel to the u.s. as early as today. he proclaimed his son's innocence. he said the family these two brothers had been framed over the course of these events. the
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Apr 27, 2013 12:00pm PDT
democrats and republicans is, of course, in full swing. following it all, molly henneberg live in washington. >> molly: president obama has not signed the legislation yet. there is technical glitch that the senate needs to fix next week. federal aviation administration already is moving some money around to end furloughs. they said in a statement, quote, air traffic facilities will return to regular staffing levels over the next 24 hours and the system will resume normal operations by sunday evening. president obama contends that republicans are just now realizing that the sequester was a, quote, bad idea all along and he says this new legislation is just a temporary fix since other sequester cuts are pending. >> we can't just keep putting band-aids on every cut. not a responsible way to governor govern is there is only way to fix the sequester. by replacing it before it causes further damage. >> reporter: house republicans have passed two bills that would replace the sequester cuts but they haven't gone anywhere in the senate. chairman of the transportation committee says the obama claimed
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Apr 13, 2013 9:00am PDT
. >> and secretary of state john kerry calling for china to call on them to talk to north korea. molly is joining us live with the latest on the secretary's trip. molly. >> secretary of state john kerry met with china's top leaders in beijing, china may be the only to have sway over the isolated north korea, because china provides most of the fuel and food aid. today, kerry warned north korea to refrain from provocation including new missile launchings . he had constructive talks with chinese leaders. >> the united states and china remain fully cooperated joint statement of the six-party talks and to the core goal and that core goal is a verifiable denuclearan of the korean peninsula in a peaceful manner. >> china said it wants a demilitarized pennsylvania. one of china's fears experts say north korea collapses as a country and china is flooded with refugees. still the top leader said after meeting with secretary kerry. china's issue is consistent and clear cut. china is commit tod upholding peace and stability and advancing the denuclearization process on the peninsula. chairman dempsy and williams
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Apr 5, 2013 3:00pm PDT
his stick version of follow the leader. correspondent molly henneberg tells us what is happening. >> it's starting to become a thing in washington. republican senator lindsey graham announced today that is he giving 20% of his salary to charity. he and four other senators say they are giving back part of their earnings to demonstrate solidarity with federal workers furloughed because of the sequester. president obama has already put some of his salary on the line. the white house announced earlier this week that the president would be giving 5% of his $400,000 annual salary or $20,000 back to the u.s. treasury. the first lady says the obamas want to show they, quote, family theisman -- empathize with federal workers. >> making a difference between being able to eat and pay the bills. >> they say this isn't much of a financial hit for the president. >> he won't even feel it. it won't even matter. because the federal government is already paying for his lights to be on and the utilities and the cable bill and all those things that hard working americans out there have to pay for ou
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Apr 24, 2013 8:00am PDT
the terror attack. we have live team fox coverage for you. molly line is in boston. first let's go to greg palkot to london. >> reporter: the fbi is pretty tight-lipped about the trip. a team of fbi agents are in dagestan and speaking with the parents with the suspected boston marathon bombers, having specifically about a six-month visit that tamerlan tsarnaev paid to dagestan in 2012 and what he did. our own amy kellogg was able to reach the father. he claimed to u.s. officials his sons were innocent and tamerlan said no contact with radicals in dagestan. extremists there claimed the same. there are different reasons for him going, conflicting timelines of where he was and who he was with. a lot of focus on one of the mosquit mosque. they believe in fact he did make contact with extremists. again no hard evidence of that contact. at least during the time he was in that dagestan city he had exposure to radicalism. there was several clashes between islamist troops demanding independence for dagestan from russia. no hard evidence again but circumstantial evidence of the significance of this
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Apr 19, 2013 8:00am PDT
. memorial day habill hemmer has been up all night. molly line is in watertown, massachusetts. steve harrigan has the latest checks on thon the chechen suspects. martha maccallum right here with us in the studio up to speed with what is going on with all the breaking developments. all hands on deck as we mentioned. we want to start with you i will b bill in boston as you covered this developing part, this khapt chapter and shore -- khapt sister and storchapter through the night. >> we do not know where suspect one is at the moment. we don't know if he's been accounted for, accounted for him sepl. whether or not the stew different shootouts we witnessed in the town of watertown massachusetts resulted in anything. we are waiting for police to brief us on. us we are the near the finish line on boylston street. watertown, massachusetts is ten miles west of here up the charles river, a town of about 30,000 that has woken up to a lockdown today. businesses have been told not to open, police have one telling residence there to stay home. and they've been telling people driving their cars, simply st
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Apr 6, 2013 9:00am PDT
week. early reports was entitlement cuts drawing criticism from both sides of the aisle. molly has the details. molly what is in the bill that we know? >> the republicans say the president is move negligent wrong direction for a plan for a budget. but today in his weekly radio address, president obama said it may not be ideal it is a responsible blueprint. it is including more tax hikes on middle class families and wealthy and two republicans concerned about government spending on entitlement programs and a cut in the future cost of living increase for social security and other benefit programs. >> it is a compromise i am willing to accept to move beyond a cycle of the short-term crisis decision make focus on growing our economy and middle class for the long run . includes many ideas that republicans can accept as well it is a way to make progress together. >> republican house speaker john boehner seen here with the president in november said the president's budget has modest entitlement savings and what makes social security and other problems more fiscally solvept . said the gov
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Apr 13, 2013 4:00pm PDT
'll have more on that in a moment. molly henningberg in washington. we begin with greg who is mimes from the north border in south korea. what are you hearing on the ground about a possible missile launch by the north? >> it is interesting, harris. the missiles wered around and even it is launchers were put in firing position, we are told they are tucked away. a senior u.s. official tells us that he feels a launch is not imminent but notes that the missiles are mobile based and they could be ready in hours. the target for the launch on monday, that is the birthday of the granted father of kim jong-un . now it is a two-day holiday. time for slippage and time for tension, harris. >> harris: over the past few days it is confusing. a 72 hour warning window and now no movement. what is the mood among the citizens? >> yes, it is interesting. more anti-war protest here in ssule -- soeul . a shift in the tone of south korea talking about talks with north korea and renewing aid delivery and the u.s. is picking up on a shift in tone. it comes down to the young north korean leadership kim jong-un t
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Apr 13, 2013 3:00pm PDT
and china in the layest bid to help ease tensions in the run. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. molly? >> reporter: secretary kerry was in beijing earlier today meeting with top chinese leertsdz. he said afterwards that both countries, the u.s. and china, are urging northy not to make a tense situation even worse. >> we both call on north korea to refrain from any provocative steps, and that obviously refers to any future missile shoot. i said yesterday in seoul, i addressed it and i called it both unwise and unnecessary and unwanted, and provocative. >> reporter: today secretary kerry said the u.s. and china share a, quote, joint commitment to getting rid of nuclear weapons on the korean peninsula. china is one of a few countries that has any sway over the isolated north korean regime as one of its biggest trade partners and close military allies. one of china's fears, experts say, is that north korea collapses as a country and china is flooded with refugees. still, one of china's top leaders said today after meeting with secretary kerry, quote, china's position on t
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Apr 17, 2013 2:00am PDT
. good morning, molly. >> good morning patti ann and heather. a difficult day for the city of boston. the loss of the three lives all of them had a connection here a 8-year-old boy his name martin richard. he was at the finish line with his mom, dad and his little sister when the bomb blasted. his life was taken his mother and sister remain very bravely injured and the dorchester neighborhood where he lived is completely stunned. they are remembering this little boy feeling a tremendous amount for this family in the face of this senseless tragedy. >> i can't believe this whole thing has happened. >> i watched him grow up from a baby. >> 29-year-old kristen campbell lost her life. she grew up in the suburbs just outside boston she was at the finish line standing with a friend. her family led to believe she survive the horrible attack. crystle was a restaurant manager. her mother gave an emotional statement on the front steps of her home. >> we are heartbroken. cryst -- krystle she was wonderful, everybody that knew her loved her. she was all smiles. >> a chinese national was also lost
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Apr 19, 2013 12:00pm PDT
throughout the day and if anybody comes to your home, don't answer the door. molly has been staked out at her position since the early, early morning hours, and she is back with us live now, and molly, curious to know, the neighborhood where you are, do you see many people out? are they heeding the warnings? or are people starting to merge? >> you know, for the most part people are heeding heeding the s but every once in a while, just a handful of people, less than ten, on the streets throughout the day. a couple walked by, a couple of folks walked by, walking dogs a little bit. so people are beginning to come out of their homes but for the most part they're not. most people are definitely staying inside. one little clarification that the massachusetts state police put out. they say to the media, in earlier reports the statement suspect -- the suspects were in a honda crv just before the carjacking are incorrect. they were actually in a honda civic. it's a 1999 green hon honda vic. they too have the vehicle and are no longer looking at it. and after that the carjacking began. both suspects in
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Apr 24, 2013 2:00am PDT
. molly has the latest for us. >> good morning path at thti an heather. he has been upgraded initially listed in serious condition, now he is listed in fair condition. and we are getting some new information about who authorities would like to speak with in the coming days and weeks federal authorities asking to inted view the famili-- inte family members. american investigators traveled to russia yesterday to question the father of the brothers. u.s. em pass see officials told the associated press. here at home fbi officials are questioning the wife of tamerlan a 24-year-old who grew up in rhode island and converted to islam. the two have a daughter together. the lawyers representing her say she knew nothing about the bomb plot and in a statement to the press she is doing everything she can to assist in the investigation. katherine and her family were stunned these reports, by the involvement of her husband and brother in law and that came as a complete shock to them. it is worth noting the russian government is cooperating and assisting american authorities overseas. >> live in bosto
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Apr 26, 2013 2:00am PDT
officials he and his brother had their sights set on attacking times square in new york. >> molly has more of this claim. >> this comes from a new york city press conference in which officials say they believe the boston marathon bombers were head to do times square with a plot to set off the rest of their bombs there. siting information from the fbi say the surviving suspect is talking and telling investigators the plan was to use the explosives they still had the five pipe bombs and the pressure cooker bomb similar to the ones in boston. the suspects were familiar with times square. >> we know that dzhokhar was photographed in times square with friends on or before april 18th of 2012. and that he was in the city again in november of 2012. we don't know if those visits were related in any way to what he described as the before's spontaneous decision to target times square. >>> but the two brothers never made it out of massachusetts. they are accused of car jacking an suv that was low on gas when they stopped for fuel the victim escaped ran for help and a chase with police began ending in
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Apr 27, 2013 10:00am PDT
this statement moments ago saying that it is suspending all employee furloughs. molly henneberg joins us live from washington with more on this. hi, molly. >> hi, gregg. and air travelers will be very relieved to hear that. congressman bill tuesday at the, the chairman of the house transportation and infrastructure committee, says the obama administration allowed these flight delays to happen so that air travelers would get fed up with the $85 billion sequester spending cuts. >> from the get-go, the federal aviation administration could have acted on its own to responsibly implement the president's sequester without inflicting this kind of pain on the public. they could have cut spending elsewhere. they could have taken into account air traffic patterns and made sure controllers would be in place where they were most needed. or they could have reached out to congress and the airlines to have a plan in place ahead of time. >> schuster says house republicans have passed two bills that would replace the sequester cuts, but they haven't gone anywhere in the senate. but president obama says his bu
FOX News
Apr 21, 2013 3:00am PDT
a massachusetts hospital following his capture friday night. >> that's where molly lion joins us from boston with the latest on his condition. molly? >> good morning, guys. well, dzhokhar tsarnaev is inside under treatment and under heavy guard, as you mentioned. no word whether or not he can communicate. but outside fenway park yesterday afternoon, governor edward deveau saideval patrick y he can't communicate. he's stable. the f.b.i. telling us he is in serious condition. no word on exactly what his injuries are. but the a.t.f. told the "new york times" that he was shot in the neck and also in the leg. at least one of those injuries was analysis stained in that first gun battle that occurred in watertown, the gun exchange with the watertown police department. late last night, chief edward deveau of the watertown p.d. gave more information about what happened in the capture. we know that the suspect was able to climb out of that boat, where he had been hidin hiding. as he was climbing out, he was able to lift the shirt to show authorities there was no device strapped to his body. we know at
FOX News
Apr 27, 2013 9:00am PDT
legislation and giving the faa an out. that has others crying no fair and looking for loop holings. molly henningberg joins us with more on theall out. >> republicans say that the obama administration wanted air travelers to feel the pain of the sequester and president obama contends that republicans realize that sequester was a bad idea all along. president obama will sign a bill allocating more money for the federal aviation administration to aleviate the long wait that is flyers are experiencing this week. the president said it is a temporary fix. >> these cutses will fall in the government that provide vital services for the american people. we can't keep putting band aids on every cut. there is only one way to truly fix the sequester, by replacing it before it causes future damage. >> house republicans have replaced two bills but haven't gone anywhere in the senate. the chairman said the obama administration claimed that its hands were tied with regarding the flight delays and the faa could have cut spending elsewhere. >> the faa imposed blank across the board furloughs and causing e
FOX News
Apr 25, 2013 6:00am PDT
come with a toy car. molly line is back at the hospital, live in boston today. what are we learning about these bombs now, molly. good morning there. >> reporter: good morning, bill. we're getting this information from a joint intelligence bulletin that was issued to state and local law enforcement regarding forensic analysis of the bombs. we're learning they are not likely identical and relied on components of remote-controlled cars. each device likely incorporated a electric fusing system using components from remote-controlled toy cars such as transmitter and receiver pair operating at 2.4 gigahertz and electric speed controller and sub hc rechargeable battery pack as a charging source. the type of explosive is blend containing nitrate and precolor rate oxidizers. this is consistent with low explosive fireworks. we confirmed the older brother went to new hampshire this february and indeed bought fireworks. bill? bill: if the bombs were not the same, molly, what was the difference between the two in terms of construction or detonation? >> reporter: essentially really comes down to
FOX News
Apr 9, 2013 4:00pm PDT
is ruining their lives. molly henneberg with more on this from our washington newsroom. why is this happening, molly? >> more students are attending college. they are staying in college longer. they are going to graduate school because they can't get jobs and it all adds up. here is more. >> part of it is the reason that everything goes up. inflation, but it also has to do with the availability of money ironically. there are more loans out there making it easier for kids to come up with the money that incense colleges to raise their prices. >> which means many college graduates are starting entry level jobs with entry level salaries while trying to keep up with monthly cleaning loan payments. >> shepard: they are talking about this on capitol hill and what to do about it it, right? >> yes. from both sides of the aisle. today, three republican senators introduced a bill that would base federal student loan interest rates on u.s. treasury interest rates. instead of allowing congress to set the interest rates. also today, one democratic congresswoman said she is proposing new legislation to forg
FOX News
Apr 15, 2013 12:00pm PDT
, and those explosions just before this hour began. we're getting -- mollie is our new england-based correspondent. mollie, what are you getting? >> we don't have a whole lot of information and this is just beginning to get a handle on what is happening down there near the finish line of the boston marathon on boilston street. an area of the city, very busy today. it wasser in the end of the race. the elite runners finished earlier this morning. this is the time of the day when some of the slower runners and people who came late in the race and coming across the finish line so still a very busy area of town at this point in the day. this is right around the corner from the boston public libraries a historic area of downtown boston. a big area where a lot of people would be congregating, a lot of media. we can see here from the pictures, the tremendous response that has occurred in that area. witness reports have been there were two explosions. a loud bang heard and then a second explosion heard not so far long after that initial explosion. no indications right now as to what ca
FOX News
Apr 15, 2013 2:00pm PDT
questions. molly line, a bureau in boston and covers new england. molly line has been our correspondent for years and has covered this boston marathon, molly, many times. >> exactly. this is a historic race, a massive race. nearly 24,000 runners. interesting information as far as timing is concerned of when these bombs were debt -- detonated. this was hours after the elite runners. this was a time of day when so many of the other runners, the people who love to run marathons were crossing the finish line. 23,326 runners registered for the race at the time of the explosion. 17,584 had crossed the finish line which means there were still over 5,000 or 6,000 runners still out there and still working their way toward this finish line. this was really the height of the day when spectators were still there waiting at the end of the finish line to cheer on their loved ones. when people get to the finish line you don't run out of town. people go to the bars and the restaurants. it is a huge day to celebrate and it is patriot day. it is a holiday in boston which means the streets are packed anyw
FOX News
Apr 15, 2013 4:00pm PDT
organization or lone wolves. they frankly at this moment do not know with any certainty. molly line, our new england based, boston based correspondent at the scene of the crime now. molly, what are you seeing there? >> shep, we're in columbus avenue. this is a major thorough fare here in boston here in the city. you can see ambulances line up all the way down this street. we are really just around the corner from where these explosions occurred on boylston street that what should have been a joyful end. the elite runners had finished with their run and these were really the charity runners, the family members, still tremendous amount of runners had yet to cross the finish line when these explosions occurred some 5,000 beam yet to finish the race. the finish line was really packed with family members, kids, people waiting for their loved ones to cross the finish line. over 100 people injured at least two seriously. two people killed. some of the injuries being reported by local hospitals include amputations of arms and legs and limbs. shrapnel wounds. a loftd wounds to eardrums. people compla
FOX News
Apr 15, 2013 5:00pm PDT
in a very terrible situation. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: in boston we have fox news correspondent molly line joining us live now. she has been watching the story from the very beginning. you're the boston correspondent. and you know the town pretty well. this -- tell the folks this boylston street is one of the three hubs in back bay. commonwealth avenue. you've got boylston street and beacon street and they are all parallel. this is a tourist destination. people are walking in on marathon day. --s is a separate tore celebrity tore place, the race ends there go ahead. >> what you are talking about is the timing of this. the race kicked off in the morning. the elite inracers had finished their run. they had stopped running two hours before. this the people crossing the lines at this point a little before 3:00. a lot of them were charity runners. running this race because they love to run marathons. love to run and raising money for leukemia, the liver foundation whatever the good cause was that they were out there pounding the pavement across massachusetts to finish as you mentioned this
FOX Business
Apr 16, 2013 1:24pm EDT
in custody. fox's molly line is on the ground in boston and she joins us with an update on their investigation. molly? >> adam, there are a lot of unanswered questions. it is just beginning. still just about 2 hours since this event occur, since the two bombs went off here in downtown boston at the end of the finish line of the boston marathon. investigators are trying to piece things together. they are speaking with someone previously described as person of interest. a individual from saudi arabia. here on a student visa, in a local hospital injured at the scene. now they are saying he has been very cooperative. he may not actually have anything to do with this bombing. they actually have actually searched his apartment in nearby revere, a community just outside of boston and his roommates have spoken to the press. there has been a lot of focus on that but it turns out investigators are not entirely sure he may have anything to do with this. he could be feasibly a witness at the scene over the course of these events unfurling over the, in the recent 24 hours or so. also
Apr 2, 2013 5:30am PDT
to favor the return of mali and control. but our purpose is those who mali.molly -- willere is hope that mali never exert authority and the place will be part of a future state they can call their own. >> two kenyan policeman have been shot dead according to local reports in northeastern kenya. the gunmen are believed to be linked to a rebel group. kenyan troops have been fighting the rebel group in somalia since october. six political prisoners have been released from sue don -- the sudan. most of those freed were held that try torence topple the sudanese leader. >> the reaction has been pretty cautious. one of the opposition leaders has described this as a step in the right direction, while one of the rebel leaders has dismissed it as old milk in new bottles. the question everyone is waiting to see answered is how is the government defining political detainees -- they said they would release them all, but that doesn't -- does that mean fighters andue the rebels who say they have hundreds of people detained by the government? what has happened today is a lot more questions are wait
FOX News
Apr 21, 2013 7:00am PDT
victims. that's where we find molly line at beth israel in downtown boston. good morning, molly. >> reporter: good morning, shawn. dzhokhadzhokhar tsarnaev is undy guard. as you mentioned, there are federal authorities here looking forward to asking him some very important questions. we have some new information from the boston police commissioner, ed davis, who on "fox news sunday" said that the fbi has not been able to start questioning this suspect because he is in no condition to be interrogated. we know that he's in serious condition and that an atf spokesperson told the "new york times" that he had been shot in the neck and in the leg and that at least one of those injuries came during the course of that early-morning shootout with the watertown police department. commissioner davis believes that this suspect had some pretty big plans for further violence. take a listen to commissioner davis. >> they clearly had other explosives. they detonated those explosives at the scene of the arrest and the shootout in watertown. we feel that they had plans to use those explosives, po
FOX News
Apr 21, 2013 9:00am PDT
and one in fair condition and eight in good condition. shannon? >> shannon: molly line, thank you very much. >> now is the time to pull them out of the shadows and find white house they are. when it comes to the entry/exit vista system, the 19 halftimers were students who overstayed their visa and the system didn't capture that. >> there are some, some on the hard right and some otherwise, opposing our immigration bill from the get-go. we use it as an excuse. if they have a suggestion how to change it on what happened in boston, we'll be open to it. we won't let it use it an excuse. >> shannon: the brothers came to the states on a visa. when became a u.s. citizen. now they wonder it relates to the immigration debate. joining me to discuss the issue is chris stirewalt. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> we knower for better or worse timing and events that happen out of the control out any of us impact what happens on capitol hill. how will this imfact conversation? >> you saw how people opposed to gun control legislation said if i was in watertown massachusetts, with a terrorist on
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